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January 2024

  • We have a CLI tool!
    • Thanks to @jolbol1 and @jacobparis for getting this set up. And to @kentcdodds for kicking this off and suggesting this approach.
    • Docs and installation have been updated to show how to install components with @sly-cli/sly
  • Update React Aria Components to 1.0.0
    • Breadcrumb now exposes BreadcrumbLink to correctly handle React Aria Link within components @Littletonconnor - #20
    • Updates to installation to show how to integrate React Aria Link with various frameworks using RouterProvider.
    • No more 'use client' needed. React Aria handles this automatically, behind the scenes.
  • Docs and code samples were tidied up significantly
    • You can now copy directly from bash snippets
    • Thanks to @itsMapleLeaf's suggestion, we're now using namespaced imports from React Aria Components. This has significantly increased readability and helps keep things simple.
  • Update Tailwind to 3.4.1
    • While there were several exciting updates in this release, we've not yet integrated things like :has() and size-*. Since this change is still fairly fresh, we're going hold off on introducing those features because, well, not changing them won't break anything.
  • Several spelling and text fixes:

November 2023

  • Update React Aria Components to RC (1.0.0-rc.0)!
    • Breadcrumb Item becomes Breadcrumb
    • ListBox Item becomes ListBoxItem
    • Menu Item becomes MenuItem
    • GridList Item becomes GridListItem
    • Replace validationState with isInvalid for error handling
  • Add React Aria Components Tailwind config and update various classNames
  • Update Installation instructions with specific React Aria Components version
  • Update Slider example to destructure state key
  • Replaces class-variance-authority with cva@beta
    • Base component styles must now be located within the base property:
    • Replace cn(...) helper function with cx(...) by using CVA config and including twMerge
    • Removes clsx as a dependency because it is now included in CVA as cx
  • Updated red/error colors to be WCAG compliant
  • Added additional examples to the following components:
    • Checkbox
    • CheckboxGroup
    • ComboBox
    • DatePicker
    • DateRangePicker
    • Input
    • NumberField
    • Radio
    • RadioGroup
    • Select
    • Tabs
    • TextField

September 2023

  • Reordered components' classNames properly

August 2023

  • Doc updates
  • Update React imports in components
  • Add lots of new examples and variants:
    • Button variants
    • Checkbox variants
    • ComboBox examples
    • DateInput variants
    • Input variants
    • Menu examples
    • Meter examples
    • NumberField examples
    • Radio variants
    • Switch examples
    • Tooltip examples
  • Fixed a bunch of component layouts
    • Add flex-col to Modal
    • Add w-full to NumberField
    • Remove verbose classes from RadioGroup
    • Add w-full to Select
    • Remove h-full from vertical Slider variant

July 2023

Using react-aria-components@1.0.0-alpha.5

  • We have a logo and a homepage!
  • Docs updated; content pages are live including installation instructions
  • Components and the rest of the site support dark mode.
  • Tabs now use --border-width variable to avoid issues with nested tabs